Yep, if it is in good working condition then about half price


If you have accessories for it, then price those similarly. Most folks that want the big units are folks like me that do a lot of cooking and use all sorts of attachments. I know for my Oster Kitchen center I have about 8 different attachments and I use them all. Check ebay for the prices for used ones, you just might be surprised.
Cheapcycle is an offspring of freecycle. Simply put in the towns in your area and the word cheapcycle in the yahoogroups seach and yu will be surprised. They are free listings. BTW I meet the people in a public place with a big burly man going along with me. Just in case.



I just hit “send” and made the final payment on my debt snowball!!!! My employer was purchased by another company this month, so my last paycheck included 3.5 weeks of vacation and cash advance from Sinacash Inc that was cashed out and a retention bonus. This pushed me past Baby Step 2 and 1/6 of the way into Baby Step 3. This past Monday I also received the first child support check in 15 months, so that’s going straight to savings.

Crazy what a difference a week can make!

Neighborhood garage sale is today and tomorrow so hopefully we get a good turnout. The money from the garage sale is earmarked to getting my son and I to Hawaii next spring.

Now the next challenge – to keep Gazelle intense in building the next 5 more months of my 6 month Emergency Fund.

Hmmm, never heard of cheapcycle but it makes sense there would be such a thing


I’ll have to go look for that. How would you price the Kitchenaid – along the same lines as the incubator stuff we talked about? Ie, half the price of new, for a not-too-work appliance? I’m not sure how much this thing would go for new, but it’s a commercial-grade mixer, nice big one. Maybe I’ll skulk around eBay and see if some of this dishware is in hot demand. A lot of this stuff I bought when I was doing software design work and the money was pouring in (and pouring out…. ). Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table type stuff. Yes, there was a time when I was a brand name kitchen goodies junkie. Ahh, the not-so-good old days…..

I am not sure what is going on except your company was taken over?


Some companies, when they terminate through a takeover or whatever will have a clause that says you cannot have contact with current clients, vendors, etc. for a specified period of time, like 2 or 3 years. If your future at your company is on shaky ground, you may need to develop a whole set of contacts totally separate from your current work situation.

Where to sell nice kitchen/dining and A/V stuff?


Good morning all. I’ve been debating some de-cluttering in the kitchen. We’ve been given nice hand-me-downs from a variety of folks, for instance a used-but-good-condition Kitchenaid stand mixer, when we already had one. Nice sets of bowls and soup toureen, that sort of thing. We’ve also got an extra VHS player, an extra FM tuner, etc. I know I can give all that stuff away, but that doesn’t do much for our snowball. And we have various thrift stores where the proceeds would go towards some non-profit place like Salvation Army, and I’m debating that option. But does anyone have any suggestions for a good way to sell this stuff? Only thing I can think of is to list it on eBay or in the local Classifieds, and I might do either/both. Any other ideas?

The newer one(s?)


also come with ports for USB so that you can run things off your hard drive (I assume). I believe the more expensive ones also do a better job with the data streaming (I don’t know what that’s called.) We got the cheapest one the store had at the time, which was an HD, and it does pause and holds more channels than we need. We based our choice on the elements I mentioned above; they were the differences we noticed when we read the boxes at the store.



basically the signal has to get to you *somehow* – either through a wire (copper or fiber) or through the air (broadcast, or satellite)
Roku is going to suck up a lot of bandwidth, so I would not try it over satellite internet.

In the middle of nowhere I would think about satellite TV. It’s probably cheaper than satellite internet as the satellite signal is beamed across America. What part of nowhere are you in?

Also you might think about Neflix, the physical subscription.

And a third possibility – I see a lot of people “dumping’ large collections on ebay. $150 for 150 DVD’s, that sort of thing. With some money down you could probably cycle through a few lots, sell what you don’t want and end up with enough to keep you busy through the winter.

Need quick opinions


We are cancelling cable at least for the Summer (maybe longer if I can get away with it). I found a Roku LT for under $40.00. I want to buy 2. Is ths a normal type of Roku? I know there are different models of Rokus out there. I know nothing about them so a little help is great. We have 2 newer type TVs with HDMI outlets I think they are both 720p.

Other than over the air antenna with a set box just for regular viewing, there’s not a lot of options


Obviously, you can do the whole movies through the mail thing with Netflix, but you already know that.

You can download many youtube channels to your computer but at some point you’re going to need an internet connection to do that. You can read about how to do on FB.

What i’ve done in the past is use the library, starbucks or mcdonalds internet while there to download stuff. You said you’re out in the boonies, so I don’t know if there’s a WiFi town connection which makes it worthwhile, but that’s an option.

What I’ve been doing with videobuzz (a Roku/youtube portal) is go online through my computer to do the searching, subscribe to a particular channel, then watch on a larger TV thru Roku.

In theory, (but I’ve never tried it) you could do the same thing if you have a laptop: hunt out the youtube channels you care about, subscribe to them, download them on to your laptop when you are somewhere with a better connection (neighbor??) and watch them later.

Okay, I’ve been meaning to ask about this since


I saw someone post about how they found You-tube on their device (don’t remember if that was a Roku or not). Now that I live IN THE EXACT MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, I have satellite internet, Hughes net to be exact. It is terribly expensive, and I am charged by my bandwidth usage. We have never had that before. With our previous set up we used our internet for you tube videos, netflix movies, pre-school type learning games and then sometimes to watch a show that we couldn’t get because I won’t pay for cable. Apparently those are ALL VERY high bandwidth usage activities. I can’t afford to upgrade to the pro level of hughesnet so I’m wondering if maybe a roku is what we need? How does it work? Through my wi-fi? If that’s the case then never mind. Is there a device that I can use with my TV that will let us watch you tube, and Netflix etc. without using my internet?